Consumer Services/Phlebotomy Services

Affordable Lab Tests vs. Traditional Tests

Mobile Drug Testing’s “Affordable Lab Tests” service is an alternative to traditional, physician
prescribed tests. Our testing services are on an individual, as-requested basis. Choose only the tests you
want, and take them with complete confidentiality: no doctor order, health insurance or appointment
needed. Affordable Lab Tests is an economic, convenient solution for those who want to proactively
manage their health and want to pay up front.


Affordable Lab Tests services from Mobile Drug Testing will save consumers 30 to 70 percent off the retail cost of medical testing services. This means no hidden costs and no surprise insurance bills. Whether you are insured, dealing with high deductibles or monitoring HSA expenditures, Mobile Drug Testing will save you a substantial amount of money with our self-paid medical lab tests (compared to traditional laboratory, hospital or clinical testing).

Our Tests

Our testing services are an efficient, cost-effective way to manage your health. Medical testing can help
identify serious conditions early, even if there are no symptoms. Mobile Drug Testing can perform tests
at any location, including your home, place of business or at our office location. Over 200 test types
and customized health panels are available for both adults and children.