audiometric testing

OSHA Audiometric Testing & Hearing Conservation Programs

We test all of your employees using OSHA-approved testing methods, per the regulation OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95 – “Standard on Occupational Noise Exposure.”

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing measures your employees’ abilities to hear sounds. This test will occur before your
workers experience exposure to loud working conditions to create a baseline hearing level. Individuals
will have to undergo this test once a year to determine if they have experienced any hearing loss.

Regularly testing your employees’ hearing protects them from long-term hearing damage. Industrial hearing
tests also benefit employers as they provide insight into any flaws present in the company’s current hearing
protection program. Audiometric screening helps catch potential safety issues in the workplace before
severe damage occurs and allows companies to make any needed safety improvements.

audiometric testing

Our CAOHC certified Occupational Health Specialists administer OSHA mandated
Audiometric Hearing Testing using the most technologically advanced audiometers available
and do not require the use of bulky trailers or trucks. We can setup our audiometers in an
office, conference room or break room and our on-site service eliminates the liability
associated with sending your employees to an off-site immediate care facility, significantly
reducing down time and helping you to keep your business running with minimal disruption.

  • Your employees will be supervised by our CAOHC certified Occupational Health
  • At the completion of audiometric hearing testing, you will be provided digital copies of
    all OSHA Required documentation.