Everything You Should Know About Hair Follicle Test for Drug Testing

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As the name suggests, the hair follicle drug test is a hair drug test that looks for drug use or the misuse of prescription drugs. The process is pretty simple and straight forward. A strand of hair will be cut from your head and sent to the lab. The sample takes days to test. The hair follicle test for drug testing is mostly used for: 

–        Cocaine

–        PCP

–        Marijuana

–        Ecstasy 

–        Amphetamine

–        Methamphetamine

–        And opioids

We found out that lawyers and medical professionals, in particular, have shown great interest in these tests as they are pretty focused on determining whether a person has been intoxicated or not.

Companies like Mobile Drug Testing take pride in being the most trusted organizations when it comes down to providing accurate test results and that too on-time.

If you don’t know what reasonable cause drug testing is, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, this post is dedicated to provide you the exact information regarding drug testing which you won’t anywhere else.

Hair Follicle Test: An Absolute Necessity

It may not be necessary for the Eastern countries, but a hair follicle test for drug testing holds great importance in the west. You may have to undergo such a test for employment, legal, and medical purposes. 

Whether you believe it or not, most companies in the United States require their potential employees to go through a series of drug tests, particularly for risky jobs. Drug laws vary from state to state, which means you expect things to be completely opposite in Nevada to what you have witnessed in New York. However, in such states, the employer must provide sufficient evidence to support their decision of making their employees go through drug tests. 

Keeping all that aside, drug test irrespective of the reason requires the individual’s written consent, without it a test cannot be conducted no matter what. 

What to Expect In A Test?

Hair follicle test doesn’t require a fixed setting; in fact, these tests can be conducted in a hospital, home, or even workplace. During a hair follicle test for drug testing, a strand of hair will be cut from your hair and sent to the lab for testing. It is recommended not to consume prescription medicines and poppy seeds before the test as they contain compounds that may lead to positive results. 

You can expect an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test, also goes by the name of the rapid screening method. If the results came out to be positive in this test for a substance, the technician would retest the hair with gas confirmatory chromatographic-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) testing to eliminate false positives. 

The Results

The results can turn out to be either negative or positive and sometimes inconclusive

–        A negative result means that not a single metabolite was found in your hair sample, even after the ELISA and GC-MS screening. 

–        Samples that produce positive results for both ELISA and GC-MS testing confirm that there were drug metabolites in the person’s hair. 

–        If reasonable cause drug testing gets tampered with or something goes wrong, the laboratory must declare the test inconclusive. In such cases, the person is asked to provide another hair sample for further tests. 


Hair follicle test for drug testing has made itself a complimentary drug test among legal, educational, and medicinal institutions. In fact, it has overthrown urine-based testing, which apparently used to be a go-to method.

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