2020 DOT Testing Rates for Truckers

2020 DOT Testing Rates For Truckers

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is doubling the minimum yearly percentage rate for random controlled substance testing for commercial motor vehicle drivers, from 25% to 50% percent, constructive Jan. 1, in response to rising positive drug-testing rates.

Industry Impact of Drug-Testing Change

FMCSA estimates there are 3.2 million CDL holders operating in interstate commerce and 1 million CDL holders operating in intrastate commerce. Those ways that the minimum number of random drug tests performed will increase from 1.05 million at the previous 25% rate to approximately 2.1 million in the timetable year 2020. The organ estimates it will forfeit the trucking industry an unscientific $50 million to $70 million to self-mastery the spare tests.

Calling the move “a financial hit to the industry that no one was expecting,” Dave Osiecki, president, and CEO of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, told HDT that although this drug testing data was placid in the first quarter of 2019, “until now, there has been no indication from FMCSA well-nigh the increase in positive tests that has led to random testing rate change.”

He noted that this random testing rate increase is likely to have a small productivity impact as well considering the process of taking the suburbanite off the road and directing him/her to a testing site takes up time that would otherwise be productive working time.

More importantly, Osiecki added, “it’s disappointing to learn that increasingly drivers are testing positive for drugs,” Osiecki added. “This is a well-spoken safety concern. Perhaps this is a result of greater marijuana use due to waffly state laws?”

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