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Mobile Drug Testing |Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing


Mobile Drug Testing provides all of the benefits of a  drug-free workplace without any of the headaches of sending employees to the lab.

Unlike traditional drug testing, which requires employees to leave work, drive to the lab and wait to be tested, then drive back to work—all while on the clock, Mobile Drug Testing takes place at your office, plant, or job site.

Our highly-trained collectors come directly to you based on your random testing schedule, and for post -accident , reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing, and conduct all drug test collections on site.

MDT offers a convenient and expedient, service brought right to you , at your request.

There is no longer a need to send your employees offsite for traditional testing because “We Bring The Lab To You.”

Hours of Operation





After hours with 24/7 Availability

Mobile Drug Testing is a leading health care diagnostics company that specializes in providing complete alcohol and drug testing solutions. We assist our clients in creating healthy work environment through our remote employee drug tests. Our pre-hiring and post-hiring drug test programs can be customized according to the company policies. Being an industry expert, we guarantee to provide you comprehensive reports specifying the details of the detected drug specimens.

Drug test types

Our reputable and certified laboratory is staffed with experienced analysts. The test results provided by our company are highly reliable and have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. We can handle any type of biological sample and present accurate results with it. Our team has expertise in urine, saliva, blood and hair drug testing. Our staff will provide you complete assistance in choosing the right drug test type according to your requirements. All these tests can be considered for determining the exact amounts of drug in an employee’s system but if you require information about their drug-use history, you should get in touch with our experts.

Substance management

We have created a dedicated team of substance management professionals. From collecting the samples to delivering the test results, our team will handle everything. Our team will help you minimize the risks associated with drug testing and make the process fairly convenient. Our professionals have expertise in maintaining health records and keeping a track of employee health files. Whether you need a random supervision or a pre-employment testing, you can always count on us. We will try our best to fulfill your requirements without consuming much time.

Safety and regulations

When it comes to safety rules and regulations, we make no compromises. Our company strictly adheres to the state and federal regulations. The testing programs followed by our company are in compliance with the guidelines set by Department of Transportation (DOT) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The health and safety of the test subjects is our top priority and we are committed to fulfilling all our responsibilities. With us, you will never have to worry about diagnostic inaccuracies or hygiene issues.

Privacy protection

We understand the importance of privacy in corporate sector. Our solutions are designed to fulfill business requirements of all companies while avoiding privacy-related issues. We have created a very simple and sophisticated diagnostic procedure for the luxury of our clients. We treat medical information with utmost care and do no share any test results until we are authorized by the person under supervision. Our company is well-known for protecting and practicing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). No inappropriate action will be taken by our staff until we receive a written consent to reveal the results by the subject.

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